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First of all, I’d like to warn you that there are massive spoilers ahead. If you are like me, you have been avoiding social media like the plague just to retain that air of mystery until you watch this movie.

You have been warned.

It was surprising to see how the directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo were able to give all the characters respectable screen time while maintaining the integrity of the story.

Thanos may be the villain of the decade. I believe that the directors did justice to the character. For one, he wasn’t simply portrayed as a killing machine. He also had a humane side, the losses, and sacrifices he made to gain all the infinity stones make you a part of the villain’s journey towards his life purpose.

While the ego clashes and Marvel’s humor was beautifully done. Watching Tony Stark and Dr. Strange rant over domination was fun to watch.

We have seen several Iron Man suits over the decade. Marvel truly outdid themselves to create a cinematic franchise which was a planned execution over a decade ago. They built a 12 billion dollar franchise from the ground up. The comics show Tony’s suit count to be in 100s while the nano suit featured in the movie clocks the armor count to 50.

The Iron Spider Armor was teased during the ending of Spiderman: Homecoming. It makes a comeback and boy does it have some excellent features.

I liked how they retained the personality and the context of the various characters. The Guardians of the Galaxy had their personalities intact and it was interesting to see the clashes of ego among the characters.

Thanks to Thor : Ragnarok, we now understand the real power of Thor, the God of Thunder. This movie builds up on that and makes Thor a highly-likable character.

I was glad to see that Bruce Banner was given a lot more screen time than the Hulk, this is a blessing as we got to witness the acting brilliance of Mark Ruffalo.

The ending was quite unexpected and they did tease us with Thanos’s ability to vanquish half of the world using a snap of his finger. When he actually did that after getting all the Infinity Stones. 

The movie was responsible for killing Heimdall, Loki, Gamora – the characters that the fans had heavily invested in emotionally.

Once Thanos snaps his finger, the majority of the Avengers simply turned to ash.

These deaths were incredibly unexpected and we lost Black Panther, Scarlet Witch , Bucky, Vision, Groot, Falcon, Drax, Star-Lord, Dr. Strange, Spiderman, Agent Maria Hill, Nick Fury, and Mantis in a matter of a few scenes. 

It’s like the last Harry Potter movie, where many of our beloved characters died in rapid succession. The exception being that it was the conclusion of the series while in Marvel’s case, this is a part of the bigger story. One thing that puzzles us is that they had just begun establishing characters such as Dr. Strange, Spiderman, and Black Panther. They couldn’t kill them off permanently. That would be shooting oneself in the foot. After all, Black Panther earned over a billion dollars on the box office.

There’s also the fact that many of these characters have sequels coming. The next installment to Spiderman is in the works as well. I think we will have to wait til May next year to find out the answer to the fate of our favorite Avengers.

One more thing that people missed during the movie was that all the original Avengers survived.

Dr. Strange tries to go into the future and see what chances do they have to save the universe from Thanos. He said that they had 14,000,605 to one chance of beating him.

He also explicitly warned Tony that if it comes down to saving Ironman, Spiderman or the Eye of Agamotto (The Time Stone). He would save the Time stone as he had sworn to protect it. Though when the time comes, he hands over the stone to Thanos in exchange for letting Tony live. My prediction is that Tony may be the key to bringing everyone back.

I remember when Tony is about to be killed, the whole theatre went silent and I could hear gasps from the audience. Later on, when the Avengers turned to dust, it felt as if we saved Tony at the cost of all other characters.

Personally, the most painful death was Spiderman’s as he says “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel good”, “I don’t want to go.” It was heartbreaking to watch. Peter Parker is still a kid in high school and he had yet to live his life. This simply cannot be the end.

I believe that Avengers: Infinity War left us with a lot more questions than it answered. We want to see all our favorite characters come back. 

Now let’s talk about the post-credit scene.

We see Nick Fury getting out of the car with Agent Hill. A helicopter crashes into a building behind them. Hill turns to ash as well, I know heart-breaking, especially for the people who follow How I Met Your Mother. Nick Fury uses a hybrid pager to send a distress signal and as soon as he hits ‘Send’ he too fades away. The camera then zooms-in to the pager and all we see is an unfamiliar logo. This is where the movie ends.

I looked up the explanation to this and I found out that the logo belongs to Captain Marvel. This character will be featured in the fourth installment of Avengers.

To know the answers to all our questions, we will have to wait for the next Avengers movie which is due May 2019. The comments section is open for discussion.

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