Bandstand, Mumbai


It’s a boulevard of paved stones, with a breath-taking view of the unwavering Arabian Sea. This makes it one of the most expensive properties in the city, housing some of the world’s most renowned celebrities such as Shah Rukh Khan. The waves hit the rocks with merciless force, shaping them over the years. I think this is a metaphor for life as our struggles and challenges shape us as a person.

You can take a walk or cozy up with a book. I used to sit at the coffee shops overlooking the sea, would take out my notebook and pen and start jotting down my thoughts. There were times when my handwriting became illegible, as I had to strike a balance between my running thoughts and navigating the page with a pen, so I had to find a compromise between to two to make sure I do not miss anything.

The content of these written words ranged from my thoughts on life, the events that transpired since the last time I wrote, ideas for a story and even the various lessons learned. It also included future goals;  It was the desire to vent that kept me going for pages. It never felt like a chore. I was hooked to penning my words down. It feels that if the words don’t come out, you will suffocate.

The pensieve described by J.K Rowling in the Harry Potter series is the closest comparison to writing. We have so many thoughts that run around in our heads all day. We need an outlet to calm our mind. The only difference is, Dumbledore used a wand while I use a pen.

I might have been to this place over a dozen times; However, every time I come, I get the same sense of peace and contentment. It’s been over a year since I last came to this place and it is every bit of wonder as I remember it.

I’ve reached a point in my life where if I do not write for a few days, I feel as if something is missing. Thank you, my readers, if it hadn’t been for your continued support, this blog would not have reached so far.

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