How The Political Landscape of India Influences Citizens

How India's Political Landscape Influences Citizens

India as a whole is angry and mourning. Is there a better way to deal with the incidents of 14th February. Here is what I think. I’d like to mention that I try to stay away from reading newspapers or surfing news channels due to the sheer amount of hate they garner. If you think … Read moreHow The Political Landscape of India Influences Citizens

Saving a Pigeon and Karma : The Greater Good

Saving a Pigeon and Karma : The Greater Good

We had been dealing with a pigeon problem in our balcony for months and every time we would install a net to block their entry, they would find an entry point eventually. It was the day after the Halloween party at our office and I was sitting in the living room at my home sipping … Read moreSaving a Pigeon and Karma : The Greater Good

Remembering Stan Lee – The Real Superhero

It’s been a gloomy week for comic book fans across the world. Stan Lee has passed away at the age of 95. He looked incredibly fit for his age, making us believe that he would live forever.  He is the person responsible for co-creating the majority of our favorite comic book characters including Spiderman, X-men, … Read moreRemembering Stan Lee – The Real Superhero

Introversion As An Excuse

This is how an introvert's desk looks like

I don’t know why introversion is seen as a bad thing. Movies and entertainment media has always portrayed the heroes and notable figures to be outspoken. What most people don’t know is that among the people who have made changes in the world, there have been notable introverts as well. Here are some examples of … Read moreIntroversion As An Excuse

The Importance of Phone Calls

Ever since we have been habituated to the convenience of text messaging, it feels that even though we stay in touch, we are more disconnected than ever. It’s a cell phone and its primary function is to make calls not spend hours mindlessly on social media. The amount of information that we are bombarded with … Read moreThe Importance of Phone Calls