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Deadpool 1 released over two years ago was highly acclaimed by fans and critics all-over. Fans rejoiced on knowing that even though it was a superhero movie, Deadpool was allowed to have all his personality quirks such as the dark humor, the gore and drug references.

This was a fresh take on the universally loved comic book character whose earlier appearance was cringe-worthy in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Something that I realized upon re-watching the first movie is that a lot of chapters and plot points were put in place to facilitate the story of Deadpool 2.


It’s worth mentioning that there are plenty of spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t already watched the movie, go see it and then come back and read this post.

Deadpool 2 tries to fix the X-men timeline in its own unapologetic fashion. In fact, the post-credits scene fixes up a lot of things are wrong with the movies as well as bad movies that Ryan Reynolds is a part of.

This movie is a hilarious joyride where the amount of blood, violence is glorified more than ever. It’s refreshing to watch the other X-men getting the limelight. It truly gives them a chance to tell a different story. After seeing Logan, we knew that Wolverine had finally met his end once and for all.

The first movie explored what it took for Wade Wilson to become Deadpool and the people he met who became a daily part of his daily life. He gets a chance to work as a X-man ‘trainee’ as he unsuccessfully tries to defuse a rogue mutant situation. He is sent to a special mutants jail where he is given a collar to remove his mutant abilities. He tries to talk sense into the young mutant named Russell aka Firefist. It was refreshing to see Juggernaut return in a closer-to-comics avatar.

Deadpool delves deep into sadness, losing the love of his life with whom he was planning to start a family. He wants to get her back.

It also shows the humane side of Deadpool as we see the amount of pain that he goes through every-time he faces death, whether it’s from blowing up to pieces or getting shot while his powers are stripped away.

We also get to see that Deadpool is simply a cancer victim when his powers are ripped away using the mutant-restraining collar. 

Fun fact: the collar was shown in the first movie, I realized this while re-watching the first installment. 

The one-liners and pop-culture references induce a lot of funny moments for the audience. The whole running-length of the movie is sprinkled with humor. Dopinder and Colossus make a return; There’s a cameo by various X-men characters. We also get a brief chance to get acquainted with The Vanisher, which is a spilt second cameo by Brad Pitt.

It was endearing to watch Deadpool, an anti-hero who doesn’t blink an eye before slashing someone’s throat would have a softer side. Losing the Vanessa on his anniversary just as they talk about starting a family is painful to watch. We get to see his super quick reflexes can only do so much, he is unable to protect his love from a bullet. It’s the kind of curse that Wolverine lived with, having witnessed all his loved ones die.

He faces Cable, a Super-soldier from the future. This is the same person who played the role of Thanos in the recently-released Avengers : Infinity War (Infinity War review).

The action scenes are a sight to behold, taking cinematography on a whole new level. This movie is an action-packed ride that guarantees an adrenaline-filled journey.

Deadpool, though known for working alone, recruits members which become the part of the X-Force. (According to Deadpool in the movie, it’s a lot more gender-neutral name compared to ‘X-men’)

The favorite X-force member would have to be Domino, whose superpower is simply being lucky. My OCD mind rejoices as she finds herself at the right place at the right time.

Wade Wilson also makes plenty of references about the DC universe, X-Men, Wolverine and also a dozen more pop-culture references that act as a reward for the fans who are familiar with these stories. At one point in the movie, he even refers to Cable as Thanos. 

Deadpool refers to himself as God and claims to be Batman when asked by the villain “Who are you?”. It also pokes fun at the Martha conundrum from Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie released in 2016.

Comic book fans will not be disappointed as this movie offers plenty of one-liners, humor and references to make the movie worth watching.

Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, at the beginning of the movie telling the audience that he dies in the end. This always never happens in a movie, let alone in one with such high stakes. 13 Reasons Why comes to mind (review coming soon).

We see Deadpool giving his life to save Russell. He is wearing the mutant-castrating neckband and falls to his death. We also get to see the grey Deadpool suit. This is followed by a hilarious pre-death scene where he mocks and pokes fun of all his allies. 

Cable realizes that his daughter and wife are safe and he is successful in undoing the events that lead to Firefist (Russel) to get a taste of killing someone which eventually results in the aforementioned deaths.

In a heroic act, Cable decides to not go back to his future and instead plans on saving Deadpool’s life. A sense of relief rushes through the X-Force as well as the audience.

Let’s talk about the post-credit scene. Negasonic and Yukio who try to fix Cable’s time-travel device.

After a few more credits, we see Deadpool going back in time and saving his beloved Vanessa. The next scene is where he teleports to the last battle in X-men Origins: Wolverine, where he mercilessly kills Deadpool’s first appearance – the anti-hero with the best qualities of all mutants with his mouth sewed shut. He puts at least a half a dozen more bullets into the Weapon X – the original Deadpool’s head, to ensure that he is in fact dead.

The mid credit scene shows our hero going back in time and saving Peter’s life. Peter, who ‘Just saw the ad’ has become a fan favorite.

The final post-credit scene shows Ryan Reynolds holding up the script of the ‘The Green Lantern’ and proceeds to shoot him in the head, his blood splatters all over the movie script.

In the end, Deadpool 2 is if possible, even more, over-the-top that the first one. Fans will be happy to know that all their expectations were exceeded in a larger-than-life fashion.

The only bad moment during the movie was when I accidentally spilled my popcorn tub on the floor. Thanks to the staff at PVR, they were happy to refill it for me.

Know any good movies? Please leave your recommendations in the comments below.


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