Dwelling on things

Overthinking can one of the biggest cripple that a person faces in their life. It consumes and burns a sizable chunk of your energy that you are left dried up at the end of the day. You are less likely to make big changes in your life. This is a toxic pattern of thinking that will zap you of your peace of mind.

While a lot of us are serial over-thinkers, I think the problem lies with dwelling on things. Most overthinking people tend to be a mix of introvert and extroverts when it comes to personality. This creates a problem as they are unable to find the correct match of relatable people.

They want to be social butterflies , yet they want their personal space undisturbed and completely their own. This is what makes them unique in their own right. It’s exhausting to find comfort in any one activity. One may enjoy outings with friends, while also needing ‘me’ time to recharge.

People who tend to overthink find it harder to fit in with natural extroverts. They find it confusing trying to mix their energy with other people, putting them at a disadvantage. They find it harder to express themselves, the outcome being starkly different then what was predicted.

We keep second guessing what other people mean by their words. While they realise somewhere down the line that that most people don’t even remember what was spoken. Call it a superpower, certain people remember almost all the conversations that they have with people and this makes them over-analyzers. They try to find meaning and interpret from each conversation that they have had. At times this goes back to a week or even months in the past.

They often turn to their extrovert friends for help for whom life seems a lot simpler. They do not give too much heed to the conversation or try deciphering hidden meaning from their talks, this keeps them on a free of worries and contributes to the easy-going persona.

Overthinking for many people is like a shadow- you cannot see during the day and function normally, once it gets darker, it’s impossible to shake it off.

This is an ailment which has no known cure. We can try to actively monitor our thoughts and levitate towards mindfulness which can be a draining tax in itself. It is not easy to try and alter the way you behave or think about things.

There are certain things that help the people who overthink. The only time we are free from this seemingly curse-like state is when we are in company of our closest buddies or indulged in work or a activity we really love, takes away the focus from such thoughts.

We as over-thinkers have to often deal with embarrassing situations. Times where we analysed a conversation going one way, while in reality the opposite happened. We might see it as a lot of progress. While the other person would consider it a casual conversation with no hidden meaning.

Let’s work towards speaking what’s on our mind, bypassing this filter of over-analysis.

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