Getting stuck in an endless loop

Life feels odd. There are times when you simply can’t seem to shake the feeling that you are stuck.

An¬†endless loop is something that people with a programming background will relate to. For others, it’s when you are stuck in the same routine and you cannot seem to shake off that feeling or change your situation.

Whether it’s being stuck at a dead-end job or being unemployed. All of us face these issues in our lives at one point. I have some good news, it gets better.

There are times when you have a bad day when in reality, there were a couple of isolated incidents that you milked all day to conclude that your life sucks. You need to get out of that headspace if you are looking to improve your situation.

This is the only way.

What do you desire‘ –¬†Alan Watts

He says that if money were no object, what would you like to do?

The people who let money drive their lives will be stuck doing things that they hate. Instead, focus on doing the things that you love, get better at it and as you reach towards mastery in your craft, you will get better compensation for your skills.

As Osho says “This too shall pass”. Life is like a sine wave, there are always ups and downs, rest assured, things get better.


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