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k4b6 stands for Karan Balwani. I hold meaningful conversations to be the best teacher in life. This blog is my way to reach out to people with varied perspectives. Our lives are ever-changing, one might realize over time that having speedbumps across the path of life is inevitable. Events ranging from unemployment, heartbreaks, separations, depression or loss of a loved one.

Overthinking and brutal honesty make me a phenomenal writer.

As I navigate through my own life, I get to meet various kinds of personalities. Everybody has their own way of dealing with problems. If you take time and observe, it teaches a lot about people and allows us a chance for self-reflection as well. I think this is the same reason why people like to read books. They see the hero in trouble and read about how he tackled various obstacles in his journey.

Don’t worry because we also explore fun topics like writing, self-improvement, motivation, habits, career, movie/TV show/ app reviews and even buying guides.

If you are into photography, I have an Instagram page here.

I also cover news on cryptocurrency and blockchain and manage the content team (Copywriting, Graphics, Video) at my day job. You can read my work at

A small favor to ask: Since you are here, I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments. Everybody has an opinion, and feedback is the best way to improve.
You can also reach out at [email protected], I’d love to hear your truth.

I’m actively seeking full-time work opportunities in technical writing/journalism, preferably in Canada or Dubai.

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