My First Poem

Humans have faults, 
Tears taste like salt 

You begin to feel frantic
Though we aimed for romantic

The voice inside says Go 
But society has taught us “No” 

Feelings need to be shared 
But not everyone cares 

What can you do
To get a silent mind

We try and compare personalities 
Losing touch with reality 

Y'know what’s ironic? 
We perceive feelings by logic 

Love is filled with magic 
For many it turns out tragic 

Christmas should be merry 
I like watching Tom and Jerry 

People who appear fake 
Driven by the desire to mate

The sky is burning Yellow 
Yet I feel Blue 

Overthinking wont help 
To switch off how you felt 

We like comparing 
But it seems we have stopped caring 

In the battle of the mind and the heart,
It often feels like a brain fart 

What do you think?
Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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