On Making Excuses

I have been guilty for making a lot of excuses in my life. One of the most profound lessons that I learned is that you have to look after yourself. This lead to writing this article.

We love putting blame on things which results from inaction. We keep wondering the ‘What-if’s’ in our lives while expecting things to magically fix themselves.

They want to be perfect in their craft, yet they would not put in the hard work that is needed to develop the skill. People want to learn how to swim. Yet they would not join a class yet alone stepping into the pool. They want to learn how to play the guitar. But they are not willing to put in hours of practice which makes their thumbs sore and fingers bleed. Nobody wants to die yet everyone wants to end up in heaven.

To become a master of your craft, you have to put yourself through pain. There will be moments or you will fail so badly, that you simply want to quit and forget about it. When a dream exists in your head, everything feels perfect. When the time comes to make it a reality, you usually end up putting a half-ass effort.

Most people praise the ones on top while missing out on the hardships they had to face during their journey. They say that the rich and famous were born with good-looks, or they had luck on their side. No one wants to know the struggle.

You can try and plan each an every aspect of your life, but it rarely happens according to what you thought. Be prepared for plan B and do not give up. Whether the pain is physical or emotional it’s going to sting. You will develop thicker skin and emotional endurance. Your body and mind are preparing for the added stress that is being applied and will not break if faced with a similar challenge. This is the time to practice, nurture and master your craft.

You aim to be a good writer, while you should be aiming to be the best writer. Your mind does not know what ‘good’ means. However, it knows what ‘best’ means. Go out there and be the best version of yourself. Be the best writer the world has never seen.

You can either put yourself through the process or keep dreaming about that perfect life. You can apply the power of intention all you want, however, if you do not take action, none of those dreams can come to reality, no matter how many times you visualize it.

Taking action is the vital step that will help you move closer to your deepest desires. Stop fantasizing, being comfortable in being a dreamer. Show up each day and make your dream a reality.

I have seen and heard about people who started running marathons at 96, people who were born without limbs and went on to become a professional wrestler or climbed mountains.  These people used their adversities to push their capabilities beyond what anyone can comprehend. You should be thankful that you have working limbs, food on your table and clothes to wear.

Your hardships are a fraction of what most people face. Don’t be that person who complains about their circumstances. Nobody likes a cribber. Stop making excuses. The hardships and suffering are part of the process. Enjoy the struggle, make your journey count.

At the end, the choice is yours, be mediocre all your life, or strive towards greatness. You are responsible for creating your own reality. Stop blaming and start acting.

Good luck.

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