The Importance of Phone Calls

Ever since we have been habituated to the convenience of text messaging, it feels that even though we stay in touch, we are more disconnected than ever. It’s a cell phone and its primary function is to make calls not spend hours mindlessly on social media. The amount of information that we are bombarded with every single day is mind-boggling. It’s a surprise that people are able to function normally after this extreme information overload.

I feel bad when people only stay connected through the numerous text messaging offerings out there. Whether it’s Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat or more. Actually, Snapchat is a middle ground between call and text as it uses photo tags to catch up with friends.

I recently moved back to Mumbai and the people who consisted of my friend circle were not as thrilled as I expected them to be. 

I used to send them Whatsapp messages, trying to catch up and see how they are doing. Maybe if they wanted to hang out. But I found little to no success. In fact, the friends who actually stood the test of time were the ones I least expected to.

Here’s the funny thing, not everyone makes that kind of an impact on your psyche. In fact, in most cases, the people who were nice and kind to you, who did nothing extra to stand out of the limelight were the people who actually are still in your life.

Your former roommate, that one person in your office. They are the ones who actually understand you.

A close friend recently said something that changed my own perception on this. Her grandfather used to say through all the years of experience he had that you only have two or three close friends in life. If you reach my age and you still manage to have at least two, you are incredibly lucky.

My present roommate also had something to add to this. He used to take a day each week to call and catch up on all the people who he is unable to meet and considers them a good friend. Seriously, it takes him at least 2 hours to finish all his phone calls.

The result, he has a lot of close friends, the people who were a regular part of his life ever since he moved to Mumbai are still in touch. He explained that when you call someone, you are giving them importance. Text messages are incredibly convenient and not at all thoughtful.

I tried applying this strategy for a couple of weeks and the results were shocking. I grew closer to my existing friends and all of them were highly pleased that I opted to call them. It’s been a couple of months back in Mumbai and I am learning new, profound lessons every single day.

Do you also feel as if you are losing touch with people you want to keep in your life? Ditch the text, call them instead.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, please leave them in the comments below.

Happy Sunday.

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